Personal best spearfishing day – Monster ling cod #goals

Went spearfishing out of Carmel with my buddy Jesse. I made one of my 2018 goals of shooting a 30″+ ling cod with this monster here, coming in at 32.5″. And it’s only March!┬áLegal size for this fish starts at 22″.

Other records for me for the day were diving to 41 feet and a breath hold of 39 seconds at depth. I’ve been to 66 feet before but that was just freediving, not actively spearfishing.

We had a great day all in all with a solid take of fish and 25 foot visibility. It was raining while we hunted for the 3 hours in the water, which made the experience even more serene.

After getting home, cleaning my gear, and prepping the fish, the family feasted on pho soup made with stock from the fish bones.

Notice how the filets are blue until cooked. This is because ling cod eat octopus and squid and the ink colors their meat. And check out those teeth!

They are quite like pre-historic monsters, aren’t they!


Author: Kris Duggan

Business investor and serial entrepreneur for more than two decades. In 2013, I co-founded BetterWorks, a business software company dedicated to improving performance management.